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Our Services

General Service

Perform basic care and maintenance, including changing oil, checking fluid levels, and rotating tires. 

Oil Break Checks James Finnegan

Oil and Break Checks

Brake system inspection is an absolute must to ensure safe driving conditions. During a brake inspection the entire brake system is checked

Tire Change James Finnegan Car Sales

Tire Change

We install, repair, balance, and rotate tires for passenger and commercial vehicles. We patch tires, inspect wear patterns, and ensure that tires are correctly inflated.

Breakdown Service

A service that provides assistance to motorists who break down.

Engine Repair James Finnegan

Engine Repair

 Any time you notice any new or strange sounds, smells, or sights coming from your vehicle it's always a good idea to bring it to a nearby auto repair shop.

Battery Service James Finnegan Car Sales

Battery Service

This typically includes inspecting the battery, battery cables and terminals. Cleaning the battery surface and terminals. Performing an open circuit voltage and load test and treating the battery terminals to help prevent corrosion.

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